I am calling in our Global Tribe of amazing souls who are here to co-create, land and activate the New Earth — each of us in our own unique ways and frequencies.

Together we are weaving a New Reality into being, and we are more powerful when connected and supporting each other! 

Thank you for being here to co-create magic and bring together our humanity and divinity, in an embodied and authentic way. 

Receive the activation coded in this video from my beloved Italian Alps - one of my favorite retreat sites.


The New Earth is already here, beyond time and space. Let's Activate Her!

I believe that each of us are activating energy points on the Planet, wherever we are geographically situated, just by BEING, and that we can consciously come together in this Activation of the next level of who we are and what the Planet can become.

Here's what you will receive:

1. Email notifications of monthly live events and recordings.

2. An invite to the free New Earth Activators Community on Facebook.

3. Information about how to join the paid portal for deeper work on a personal and planetary level. 


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